The Science behind LIPITEARTM

LIPITEARTM is a microemulsion containing phospholipids and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and uses preservative-free single use formulation. LIPITEARTM is produced by a technological innovation which allows uniform spreading into the tear film making the phospholipids and triglycerides bio-available.

This is highly important as those two components facilitate LIPITEARTM to imitate the natural tear film. Both constituents fulfil different purposes:

The phospholipids stabilize the tear film, anchor the lipid phase to the underlying aqueous phase and maintain the lipid structure organized and elastic.

The triglycerides reconstitute the physiological lipid shield, which controls the evaporation of tear film and its optical properties.

Thanks to its composition, LIPITEARTM forms a protective and elastic lipid shield which restores the proper microenvironment for a healthy ocular surface, facilitating the physiological repairing processes arising from dry-eye, surgery and corneal erosions. LIPITEARTM is also efficient in restoring a uniform and smooth surface, with excellent optical properties.

You can see its mechanism of action also in our video.

Graph: Micellar structure