When to apply LIPITEAR™

LIPITEARTM is a unidose ophthalmic microemulsion, preservative free.
Generally LIPITEARTM is intended to be used for the treatment of ocular surface disorder in order to sooth its symptoms which the patient usually notices as very uncomfortable, and to enhance corneal repair.
Symptoms may include discomfort or pain, redness, itching and blurry vision. LIPITEARTM helps restore the proper microenvironment of the ocular surface which has been damaged due to traumas, ocular surgery, and instability of the tear film or an increased tendency to evaporation.

Thanks to its unique composition, LIPITEARTM is more effective than other products based on hyaluronic acid in reducing signs and symptoms in patients who are suffering from dry eye[1].

LIPITEARTM enhances the physiological process of re-epithelization in term of the rapidity and quality of the newly formed corneal epithelium[2] by restoring a physiological microenvironment, modulating cholesterol metabolism and reducing microtraumas caused by blinking.

Indications of use:

Considering LIPITEARTM‘s unique properties, its main indications of use are as follows:

  • After ocular surgery (e.g. refractive surgery, cataract surgery and corneal transplant) to enhance the repairing process of the damaged epithelium
  • In traumatic and spontaneous corneal erosions
  • In dry eye conditions
[1] Aragona P., Rolando M., Bonini S., Barozzi C., Falchetti R., De Gregorio F. Efficacy and safety of an ophthalmic microemulsion Lipimix in patients suffering from Dry Eye: single masked randomised clinical trial.  ISOPT 6th ,  Berlin, 2006 Medimonds S.r.l. ed. pg 81-86

[2] A. Solomon and N. Savion, “Enhanced corneal epithelium healing by Lipimix treatment” . Poster and abstract presented at the ISOPT 7th 2008, Budapest ,Hungary