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Pre-Clinical Study

Effect of LIPITEARTM (formerly LIPIMIXTM) on the healing of corneal epithelium following mechanical erosion[1]

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to assess the effects of phospholipid microemulsion on the corneal re-epithelialization.

METHODS: An 8-mm central epithelium erosion was mechanically induced in rabbit cornea and re-epithelization was assessed after 3, 5 and 7 days, by slit lamp microscope and fluorescein staining. The histological examination was carried out after 7 days.

TREATMENT: Each rabbit was treated with the microemulsion 3 times daily in the right eye, and with a moisturizing solution containing hydroxyethylcellulose 3 times daily in the left eye.

RESULT: Eyes treated with LIPITEARTM  showed a better re-epithelization process in term of the rapidity and quality of the newly-formed corneal epithelium

[1] A. Solomon and N. Savion, “Enhanced corneal epithelium healing by Lipimix treatment”. Poster and abstract presented at the ISOPT 7th 2008, Budapest, Hungary