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First promising clinical results with Lipitear™ for neurotrophic keratitis treatment.

Lipitear™ was found helpful in treating neurotrophic keratitis (NK).Pr. Arieh Salomon and Pr. Naphtali Savion published  on March 2021 a poster on the Management of Neurotrophic Keratitis with Phospholipid/Triglyceride Based Lipid Emulsion.

“Lipitear™ can facilitate fast and complete healing of an injured corneal epithelium and repair corneal damage for patients with neurotrophic keratitis”.

A case study was recently published of a 66 years old patient which presented with complaints of redness, tearing and “discomfort” of the right eye, followed by blurry vision. The patient tried three types of artificial tears and steroids but none improved her condition.


The Diagnostic:

The patient suffered from unilateral severe keratitis of the right cornea accompanied by loss of sensation on the right side of the face. The patient also suffered from diabetes mellitus and malignancy treated with biological medications, all of which impose the diagnosis of Neurotrophic Keratitis (NK) stage 1.


What is NK?

NK is a degenerative disease characterized by corneal sensitivity reduction, corneal epithelium defects created by spontaneous epithelium detachment, and deficit of corneal healing.

The danger in NK is the loss of sensation. The affected person is not aware of the condition and it may progress gradually to a corneal abscess and perforation of the cornea at the end stage.

NK is classified according to the severity of the corneal damage: alteration of the epithelium (stage1), persistent epithelial defect (stage 2), and corneal ulcer (stage 3).


The Treatment:

Two weeks of treatment (one drop, four times a day of LIPITEAR) showed an elimination, almost completely, of the filamentary denuding of the corneal epithelium and almost 75% of the corneal surface was clean of punctuate keratitis (Figure B).

Based on the positive and promising results, the patient continues this protocol of treatment.


About Lipitear™

Lipitear™ is an innovative phospholipid/triglyceride-based lipid microemulsion uniquely formulated to help lubricate and facilitate healing of the tear film by working on all three layers, resulting in a normal mature epithelium structure.

Furthermore, clinical studies following photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) and dry eye syndrome demonstrated the clinical efficacy of Lipitear.[1,2]


About the Authors

Pr. Arieh S. Solomon and Pr. Naphtali Savion are the inventors of the Patent on which the Lipitear was developed.

Departments of Ophthalmology, Goldschleger Eye Research Institute, Sheba Medical Center, Israel.
Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Goldschleger Eye Research Institute, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel.




[1]  Caporossi A, Rolando M, Barozzi C, Falchetti R, De Gregorio F. (2006) Effects of an ophthalmic phospholipid-based microemulsion (Lipofilm) on re-epithelization processes in patients who underwent to photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) – Preliminary results.
[2] Aragona P, Rolando M, Bonini S, Barozzi C, Falchetti R, De Gregorio F. (2006) Efficacy and safety of an ophthalmic phospholipid-based microemulsion (Liporilm) in patients suffering from keratoconjunctivitis sicca: Single-masked randomised clinical trial 
Citation: Solomon AS, Savion N. (2021) Management of Neurotrophic Keratitis with Phosphlipid/Triglyceride Based Lipid Emulsion. Ann Case Report 6: 584. DOI: 10.29011/2574-7754.100584