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LIPITEAR™ MULTI – New Formulation available

IOPtima officially announced the availability of LIPITEAR™ MULTI, a preservative-free LIPITEAR™ formulation, now offered in a 10 mL multidose bottle and vegan composition, that can be stored at room temperature.

LIPITEAR™ is the first CE-approved microemulsion consisting of an aqueous phase and a lipid phase that contains the physiological constituents of the lachrymal fluid (phospholipids and medium-chain triglycerides).

LIPITEAR™ MULTI is indicated for dry eye disease, dry and irritated eyes following refractive or other ocular surgeries, or due to eye traumas, hormonal changes, and extended use of contact lenses or prolonged exposure to computer screens.

LIPITEAR™ MULTI, classified as a medical device, is a preservative-free, phospholipids-based, vegan microemulsion available in a multidose bottle, closed by an ophthalmic dispenser equipped by a patented unidirectional valve and air filter technology to physically and microbiologically protect the solution.

LIPITEAR™ has been accessible as single-use vials across a number of countries in Europe and Asia, and will soon be launched in additional territories under the new configuration.


 ”The new multidose bottle is designed to maintain the preservative-free formulation and can be stored at room temperature, rendering it practical for shipping, storage and personal use,” said Ronen Castro, CEO of IOPtima. “We are pleased to expand our dry eye product line to include this new formulation”. 


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